Working for Our Economy

Ali and the Liberal Party are working hard to ensure that our economy continues to grow and benefits our community and all Canadians.


  • Brought our unemployment rate to a record-breaking low, with over 1,000,000 new jobs created since 2015, including 486,800 in Ontario.
  • Lifted 825,000 Canadians out of poverty since 2015, establishing the lowest poverty rate in Canadian history.
  • Continued to help businesses by diversifying our international trade partners and reducing the small business tax rate from 11% to 9%.
  • Negotiated a new NAFTA deal that safeguards more than $2-bilion a day in cross-border trade and made Canada the only G7 country with free trade deals with all other G7 countries.


  • Ensure a well trained workforce by providing up to $1,200 more per year through increased Canada Student Grants and ensure graduates don’t begin repaying loans until they earn more than $35,000 per year.
  • Make Canada a world leader in zero-emissions clean tech by cutting in half the corporate tax paid by companies producing this technology.