Working for Our Families

Ali is working with the Liberal Party to ensure that families in Willowdale receive the benefits they need to prosper.


    • Made life more affordable by lowering taxes for the middle class and those working hard to join it, and committed to do so again by increasing income that is tax free.
    • Improved the lives of over 11,000 children in Willowdale by ensuring the average family gets up to $2,000 more through the Canada Child Benefit.
    • Committed to establish a National Pharmacare Program to ensure all Canadians can afford their prescription medicine.
    • Enhanced the GIS, started raising the maximum CPP benefit to provide our seniors with more income security, and have committed to put up to $729 more in their pockets each year, by increasing OAS by 10% once they turn 75


      • Remove income tax on the first $15,000 of earned income saving the average family nearly $600 each year.
      • Add up to 250,000 more before and after school spaces and lower fees by 10% to ensure that quality care for our kids is more accessible and affordable.