Working for the Community

Ali is working to move our community forward with infrastructure plans to improve the lives of Willowdale residents.


  • Invested in public transit to fund critically needed expansions in both light and heavy rail in Toronto, while adding 60 electric buses to the TTC fleet to make our city future-forward.
  • Created a National Housing Strategy to reduce homelessness and improve housing availability, and committed a record $1.3-billion to housing investments in Toronto alone.
  • Implemented the First-Time Home Buyer’s Incentive to provide up to 10% off the purchase of a home.
  • Invested in road and other infrastructure upgrades, making the reconstruction of Yonge Street eligible for up to $25-million in federal funding pending Council approval.


  • Make the federal commitment to funding public transit permanent and increase funding for our cities by $3 billion each year.
  • Take serious action to strengthen gun control by banning assault rifles and working with Mayors to ban handguns and provide cities with an additional $50 million each year to better address gang violence.